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  Frequently Asked  Questions 

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  • I changed my mind, can I return my item? "
    No. Unfortunately there is a strict no 'rain checks' returns policy on all items.
  • I received my purchase and it is not what I ordered, can I return it?"
    Yes. In the unlikely event that your order is mixed up, we will happily send you the correct item. We will reimburse you for any cost incurred returning the incorrect item to us.
  • I received my purchase and it is damaged or faulty, can I return it? "
    Yes. If you receive an item that is damaged or faulty and this was not in the product description, we will happily replace or refund your item.
  • Processing Refunds
    We will process approved refunds back into the account or gift card you used to purchase your items. This refund takes up to 4 - 10 days for us to process. Your financial institutions may take up to 4 days. This means it may take up to 18 business days for refund to appear in your account.
  • Do I have to pay duties and taxes on my overseas purchase?
    Maybe. Please check this with customs in your country of residence. If your items are over a specified monetary value, some countries will withhold the items until you pay an import duty or tax. The amount varies from country to country so please check with your customs office. In very rare cases customs may choose to inspect your item. In the UK (and possibly other countries) this inspection fee may be passed onto the customer. Please note that Kirsty Watkins Pty Ltd is not liable for any import duties, taxes, levies, or customs fees that your country of residence charges you for the receiving of your item. Please familiarise yourself with the import duties, taxes and charges that your country of residence applies to items being sent from Australia. For any further questions please email
  • Do you ship overseas?
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