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Meet Kirsty

“I have been extremely fortunate living between the dramatic Australian bush and our never-ending, ever-changing coast.

I began painting because I was so inspired by all this beauty

around me. I  just wanted to capture it, so I could feel immersed in the ocean or outback even when indoors. 


I am in constant awe of how light can change one scene so dramatically throughout the course of a day. 

It's an exquisite thing. So much so I often spend hours on end, watching, meditating, being memorised by the power and humble beauty of nature.

Kirsty Watkins at Open Studios 2023.jpg

In My Studio

Art is truly conductive to happiness

I am happiest when I am painting. It's like a form of meditation. Painting creates space and light in my life.  When that feeling is transferred to the owners of a painting I know I have done my job well.



Opening Night of Buoyant

Opening Night of Buoyant

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